Los Alamos National Laboratory Explosives Tec 5 in Los Alamos, New Mexico

What You Will Do

The Explosives Technician 5 will work closely with a diverse group of scientists, engineers, technologists, and technicians on projects and programs for both internal and external customers. Interpersonal communication and teamwork are important elements of this work environment, as is a commitment to LANL’s safety and security culture.

Job Duties

Job duties entail providing technical and operational support associated with various types of small- and large-scale experiments that use high explosives and other energetic materials. Focused assignments are usually portions of the total design or research project and require substantial technical depth and highly innovative solutions. Contributions are of sufficient value and scope to have significant impact on project goals; conversely, incorrect technical decisions can compromise safety and security and cause significant delays in project completion. Work is checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by formal review of a supervisor. The Explosives Tec 5 is regarded as a senior member of a project team and may act as a project lead and review activities of other employees.

The Explosives Tec will take a leading role on all aspects of designing, fielding and firing explosives experiments, including:

  • Organize and perform all tasks required to perform a complex explosives experiment; thoroughly understand the interaction of all aspects of an experiment.

  • Diagnose most, and repair some, diagnostic instruments and interfaces.

  • Plan and implement the tactical approach to an experiment with full regard for the safety and security aspects. Select the location of experiments, and specify needed resources.

  • Maintain firing sites and experimental facilities, e.g., orderliness, cleanliness, inventory, supply procurement; coordinate craft work, facility projects, shot clean-up, and waste management.

  • Build shot and diagnostic stands; set up various types of diagnostic and recording equipment including oscilloscopes, cameras, pin/switch circuits, temperature control circuits, etc.

  • Assist the Experimentalist in the preparation of explosive assemblies.

  • Work with the Experimentalist to perform precision optical and/or mechanical alignment of assemblies.

  • Design and construct blast and fragment shielding for vulnerable diagnostics and personnel, facility, and environment protection.

  • Participate in hazard analyses. Assist in preparation of safety documents, work procedures and shot plans.

  • Work with explosives, radioactive materials, class 4 lasers, x-rays, cryogens, chemicals, pressurized systems, energized electrical equipment, pulsed-power systems, and power tools.

What You Need

Minimum Job Requirements:

  • Qualified High Explosives Handler, with a minimum of 6 years experience in explosives handling and operations. Thoroughly experienced in assembling explosives experiments.

  • Possesses the skills to be a qualified Firing Leader, with experience in firing-site general technical skills.

  • Expert in the use and function of common mechanical, electronic, and optical techniques used in explosive testing, and capable of designing and implementing new techniques.

  • Advanced experience maintaining infrastructure, e.g., inventory, supply procurement, orderliness, cleanliness, and organization.

  • Advanced skills in the areas of carpentry, metal fabrication, and/or mechanical skills using basic hand and power tools.

  • Expert skills performing basic equipment troubleshooting and repair.

  • Basic working knowledge of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and/or engineering.

  • Proficiency with basic computer programs such as Word and Excel.

  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills.

  • Demonstrated experience working to a set of defined requirements and regulations (e.g., high explosive safety).

  • Demonstrated ability to assume responsibility and work independently with a high degree of accuracy.

  • Demonstrated experience working in a team environment with the ability to meet deadlines and deliverables.

Desired Skills:

  • Qualified High Explosives Firing Leader.

  • Experience with data acquisition equipment (oscilloscopes/digitizers, delay generators, thermocouples, and pressure sensors).

  • Experience with optical alignment, optical system design/setup, and high speed camera operation (e.g. class 4 lasers, framing cameras, streak cameras, high speed video).

  • Experience operating radiography equipment.

  • Proficiency in SolidWorks or other CAD programs.

  • Experience and/or current licensing for operating large trucks and heavy equipment such as forklifts, tractors, skid loaders, etc.

  • Experience with fabrication techniques and machinery (e.g., lathes, mills, saws, welders).

  • Active DOE Q clearance.

Essential Job Functions:Color discrimination, peripheral vision, depth perception, distance vision, ability to speak, abilty to discriminate speech, abilty to hear high pitched sounds, ability to hear in a normal range (500 to 3000 Hz), ability to smell, sitting, standing, walking, reaching, use of both hands, fine motor control, lifting 30+ pounds

Work Environment: Operation of motor vehicles and heavy equipment; working outdoors in cold/hot environments; work in a noisy environment; work with weapons, explosives, chemicals, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, high power sources; use of PPE including eye/face protection, hearing protection, gloves, safety shoes.

Notes to Applicants: Please submit a detailed cover letter with your resume addressing all required and desired skills. Please save the cover letter with the job number and name.

Additional Details:

Clearance: Q(Position will be cleared to this level). Applicants selected will be subject to a Federal background investigation and must meet eligibility requirements* for access to classified matter.

*Eligibility requirements: To obtain a clearance, an individual must be at least 18 years of age; U.S. citizenship is required except in very limited circumstances. See DOE Order 472.2 for additional information.

New-Employment Drug Test: The Laboratory requires successful applicants to complete a new-employment drug test and maintains a substance abuse policy that includes random drug testing.

Regular position:Term status Laboratory employees applying for regular-status positions are converted to regular status.

Internal Applicants:Please refer to Laboratory policy P701 for applicant eligibility.

Equal Opportunity:Los Alamos National Laboratory is an equal opportunity employer and supports a diverse and inclusive workforce. All employment practices are based on qualification and merit, without regards to race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or preference, marital status or spousal affiliation, physical or mental disability, medical conditions, pregnancy, status as a protected veteran, genetic information, or citizenship within the limits imposed by federal laws and regulations. The Laboratory is also committed to making our workplace accessible to individuals with disabilities and will provide reasonable accommodations, upon request, for individuals to participate in the application and hiring process. To request such an accommodation, please send an email to applyhelp@lanl.gov or call 1-505-665-4444 option 1.

Where You Will Work

Located in northern New Mexico, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in strategic science on behalf of national security. LANL enhances national security by ensuring the safety and reliability of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, developing technologies to reduce threats from weapons of mass destruction, and solving problems related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security concerns.

Explosive Science and Shock Physics (M) Division is responsible for current and evolving explosive science and shock physics efforts. We support National Security through the invention and application of energetic materials and application of our static and dynamic compression science capability for understanding material response at extreme conditions to address conventional, nuclear, and homeland defense needs. The Division has a diverse portfolio of research, development, and application projects involving the dynamic properties of inert and reactive weapons materials including the physics of shock waves in inert and energetic materials, the molecular synthesis of novel energetic materials, the formulation of EM into engineered materials, the shock initiation and detonation physics of explosives, the response of explosives to various stimuli including electrical, chemical, mechanical, thermal, impact, shock and laser interactions, the development and small-scale application of unique energetic materials, and the diverse application of high-explosive driven pulsed-power (HEPP) systems.

The Division is in charge of the execution of two significant upcoming capability investments: the Energetic Materials Characterization Facility (EMCF) and the Dynamic Equation of State (DEOS) facility for gas gun colocation.

M-6, the Explosive Applications and Special Projects Group, serves the Laboratory and nation by providing the knowledge base in high explosives (HE) testing for the Nuclear Weapons Program and other national security areas. Physics research is conducted in the initiation of energetic materials through mechanical, thermal, and electromagnetic mechanisms, including HE-driven pulsed-power, non-shock initiation of HE, special energetic materials, and special security projects. The Group is seeking an Explosives Technician 3.

Maximum Salary: 118200

Minimum Salary: 72500

Location: Los Alamos, NM, US

Contact Name: Budge, Trevor L.

Organization Name: M-6/Explosive Applications and Special Projects

Email: tbudge@lanl.gov

Job Title: Explosives Tec 5

Appointment Type: Regular

Req ID: IRC65983