COVID Vaccine Mandate for Los Alamos National Laboratory

The COVID vaccine is mandatory for all Laboratory teleworking and on-site employees, on-site students, on-site contractors, and on-site subcontractors unless granted an accommodation under applicable state or federal law.

Los Alamos National Laboratory Veterans Jobs

Our Commitment

Veterans and members of the U.S. armed forces have contributed their tremendous talents to serve our country. We honor their commitment and are dedicated to assist veterans and transitioning service members to continue serving their country through meaningful careers with the Laboratory.

Veteran Recruiter

Finding your ideal career match may require additional support and guidance. The Laboratory maintains a veteran recruiting program that provides one on one support for individuals seeking employment or looking to transfer within the Laboratory.

Pipelines to Employment

While individuals may find the Laboratory on their own, we want to make sure we have established pipelines to veterans and transitioning service members to ensure talent has a clear pathway to employment with the Laboratory. Some of our current pipelines are:

New Mexico Workforce Connection for Veteran Programs

Our local community is critical to the success of the Laboratory's mission. Recognizing that 10% of the local New Mexican population are veterans, we worked to establish a linkage agreement with the state’s Department of Labor through the NM Workforce Connection. This agreement allows us to easily engage with local talent who are actively seeking employment with the Laboratory.

  • Résumé, cover letter writing
  • Veteran employer summit
  • Candidate referral system
  • Application assistance
  • Networking

Meet Our Veteran Community

Steven John Singledecker

E-5 Petty Officer Second Class, United States Navy

Military Job:
Nuclear Machinist Mate, Engineering Laboratory Technician

Civilian Job Title:
Environmental Manager 4, Group Leader

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“I believe in the mission of the laboratory and what LANL does for nation security, basic science, and medical research. What we do here benefits the quality of life for all peoples across the nation and the world.”

Corina J. Gonzales

O-4 Major, United States Army Reserves

Military Job:
Logistics Officer

Civilian Job Title:
Financial Compliance Specialist

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“To continue my contribution to something bigger than myself. It doesn’t just end with the military.”

Tim White

O-3 EOD Officer, United States Navy

Military Job:

Civilian Job:
Deputy Group Leader for Weapons Division

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“LANL is a special place where we do meaningful work in support of the defense of our nation; and the advancement of science and technology for the world.”

Brad Gregory

E-7 Sergeant First Class, United States Army

Military Job:
Infantry and Transportation

Civilian Job Title:
Process and Sampling Technician

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“Because service to the country doesn’t end with military service. The oath I took is forever.”

Joy Getha

E-7 Master Sergeant, United States Air Force

Military Job:
Computer Programming Technician

Civilian Job Title:
Cognizant Systems Engineer

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“I have always wanted to work here. When the opportunity presented itself last year, I jumped at the chance.”

Daniel L. Stewart

O-3, E-8 Captain (Retired), United States Navy (20 years) and United States Army (9 years)

Military Job:
Navy: Interior Communications Technician (E-1 to E-8) and Submarine Limited Duty Officer (O-1 to O-3). Army: Communications Security Officer (MOS: 74C & 250N) and Safety & Health Officer

Civilian Job Title:
Quality Engineer 4 at ADPSM Production Quality Engineering and Inspection (PAQ-1)

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“Serving with another elite team that recycles weapons grade plutonium into nuclear fuel for commercial reactors is gratifying.”

Robert P. Baran Jr.

O-4 Major (Retired), United States Air Force

Military Job:
Explosive Ordnance Disposal Officer

Civilian Job Title:
R&D Engineer in Surveillance Engineering

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“I might no longer be in the service, but I here I can still be of service; and the lifestyle in town and camaraderie at the lab is unbeatable!”

Chris Campbell

E-6, United States Air Force

Military Job:

Civilian Job:
Explosives Technician

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“I wanted a civilian job that would continue to contribute to national security.”

Douglas Thacker

O-5 Commander, United States Navy

Military Job:
ngineering Duty Officer

Civilian Job Title:
Research and Development Engineer

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“Every day I have the opportunity to work with great colleagues on programs that advance our nation’s security. In addition, my employer has been supportive of my military service as a Navy Reservist, which included two active duty assignments. I am fortunate to have worked at Los Alamos National Lab for over twenty three years!”

Jeremy Best

O-4 Major, United States Marine Corps

Military Job:
Nuclear Engineer, Military Professor, Manpower Officer

Civilian Job: Program Manager, Weapons Division

Why Los Alamos National Laboratory:
“New mission, same standards, to continue serving the country in a new uniform and new role.“


Los Alamos National Laboratory offers a comprehensive benefits package for employees and eligible family members today and long term financial and health planning for a brighter tomorrow.

Review our options as you consider planning a career with the Lab and use our great tools to help you make informed decisions.

Employee Benefits

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Veteran Resources

Veteran Employee Resource Group

Veterans and military reservists have a home with Los Alamos National Lab. The Veteran Employee Resource Group (ERG) supports incoming, new and current employees with individualized support as they look to take on a career at the Lab.

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Office of Ethics

We are committed to an ethical workplace and strive to provide employees with a work environment that represents our core values of service to the nation. We value mutual respect, excellence in work, teamwork, personal accountability and ethical conduct.

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Life at the Lab

Northern New Mexico and Laboratory employment provides individuals with a wide range of opportunities for work-life enjoyment. We encourage you to explore what Life at the Lab can offer.

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Privacy for Nursing Mothers

Mothers returning to work after having a child may struggle to reintegrate into the office environment, but now there is one less hurdle for lactating Laboratory employees. We have 15 privacy pods throughout the Lab complex.

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Inclusion & Diversity

We believe diversity fuels our innovative, agile and principled workforce. Our teams work in different capacities to promote inclusion at the Laboratory, so that employees thrive academically, professionally and personally.

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We understand that at times, individuals need an outlet where they can communicate concerns or issues in confidence. The Ombuds Office provides a safe place for individuals to engage in information and confidential conversations. The Ombuds Office serves anyone in the Lab workforce, including students and contractors.

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